Corporate video

We create and produce many short and full-scale videos across different industries. Our team of experts provide all video production services so that our clients can focus on the ideation and creative process.


Tampa Crossroads

Tampa Crossroads, Inc. was founded by Sister Rose Christina Momm in 1977 in Hillsborough County as a one facility halfway house. Over the past three decades they have grown into a full continuum of care offering treatment, housing, employment, Veteran specific services and support to thousands of men and women in our community who are in need of developing skills to assist them toward a healthier lifestyle. Their programs accept adult men and women who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives to remain drug and alcohol free, gain employment, establish stable housing and return to independence. They are proud that they can offer assessments, treatment and support to adults who are struggling with trauma, addictions, homelessness, and co-occurring problems. Through a mutual relationship building process involving qualified and caring clinical staff and their clients, they identify strengths and weaknesses and offer a holistic approach, taking into account physical, mental, and social conditions in order to design a treatment plan that is tailored specifically to Veteran needs. Through this approach Tampa Crossroads can assure that you are able to accomplish the individualized treatment goals and move back to independence.

Trinity Cafe

Through their commitment to combating hunger, Trinity Cafe provides the support and respect guests need to encourage them to become self-sufficient and regain hope for the future. Trinity Cafe is a lifeline to those in need and has been serving the Tampa Bay community since 2001.

Together with the commitment of their supporters, staff, and volunteers, Trinity Cafe strives to be a gateway to positive change in the lives of the people it serves and seeks to enlarge their guests' capacity for self-help and reconnect them to the broader community.

Join Queena

Queena was a student in high school when she was brutally attacked. More than 5 years later she is a Survivor. Queena has battled some tough obstacles and as her fight goes on every day we must never forget that miracles truly happen.

Faces of Courage

Faces of Courage is a non-profit organization located in the Tampa Bay area that offers free camps and events for women, men and children with cancer and blood illnesses. Although located in Florida, some of their camps are attended by women, men and children from all over the country. Faces of Courage strives to provide a judgment-free, comfortable atmosphere where women, men and children can relax and just have fun.

A Kid's Place

A Kid's Place is a unique, state of the art, 60-bed facility for abused, neglected, or abandoned children. Their children range from newborns to kids ready to age out of the foster care system at 18. They've provided a home to over 1,100 children in the six years of operation and assisted over 479 families. Located on five acres in Brandon, Florida A Kid’s Place has five 3,200 square foot homes on an expansive tree-lined campus that provide a safe, home-like environment in a neighborhood setting. They use a live-in house parent model which provides the children with consistent caregivers and family style living.

Ignite your s.h.i.n.e.

Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E.® is a movement to fire up those in your organization, school or district to create a place where we cherish and value… everyone! They are so pumped (and want you to be, too) about creating environments where every person wants to be actively present, know they are valued, are bursting with confidence (not ego) and ready to illuminate the world with their gifts! This is your time to be a part of something bigger than you. It’s a time where they brighten the world by focusing on the positive attributes, strengths and qualities rather than focusing on the negatives. Let they help you find where people’s strengths are, then foster and flourish them in a way that compares to nothing else.

It’s more than just a movement though… it’s about creating a place around you where productivity, engagement and FUN is at its peak. Everyone involved wants to be there and believes in this dynamic model that organizations can embed in their everyday practices and culture. Are you ready for this mind-blowing shift?

Diabetes PSA

We produced a short PSA on raising awareness of Diabetes. Get informed today for a healthier tomorrow.

Autism PSA

Jules Burt, America's Pop Art Diva, presents the original High Heel Hike™ on city tours to benefit the children and families with Autism. Throughout the country divas will unite to raise awareness for Autism. Jules Burt encourages divas of all ages, shapes and shoe sizes to strap on their favorite stilettos and glam it up for this year's most fashionable fundraising event. Jules encourages you to "Talk about Autism...It's closer than you think!"