Our Founder's Story

For most of my life, I had the dream of working in for the film industry in Hollywood. I first joined the U.S. Navy where I served four years. My plan was to go to film school after I was discharged. After acquiring an education and a passion for filmmaking, I graduated from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Shortly after graduation I had made plans for the big move to Los Angeles, California.

Shortly before my move, I began to experience unusual muscle weakness. After a lengthy series of medical tests, I received a life-changing diagnosis, I had Guillain-Barre Syndrome. A virus that attacks the neurological system and turns the body against itself. After a series of 10 treatments, within three months, I was fully paralyzed.

I was classified in the low, rare 5% and was informed that I would never walk again or ever recover. With hard work, dedication and sacrifices not only from myself, but from my family, I recovered and walked out of the hospital four months after my diagnosis.

Some time later I formed this organization to show to others that no matter what you experience, no matter what life hands you, it is up to you to find the willpower within to overcome. We tell true stories. We make these stories come to life so that it can motivate and inspire others to overcome.

Brian K Dery, Founder