To Have Courage

Directors: Brian K Dery, Mike Ford

Screenwriter:  Brian K Dery, Mike Ford, Patrick Briar

Genre:  Documentry


Jennifer French always loved the outdoors. She experienced camping and hiking in the woods and later enjoyed other recreational sports such as; canoeing, snow skiing, scuba diving and sailing.


In 1998, Jen was on a snowboarding trip with her then boyfriend, Tim. While snowboarding, she hit a patch of ice causing a fall which resulted in her damaging her spinal cord at the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae.


Jen was told by doctors that she would be a quadriplegic for the rest of her life. She did not want to let her human body beat her spirit.  Jen began researching recovery options and found the Cleveland FES Center in Ohio. In 1999, Jen became the first woman to receive electrodes to help her stand and walk.


With the FES system implanted Jen was able to fulfill a dream; she married Tim and was able to walk down the aisle.


Today Jen is active in scuba diving, canoeing, and is a member of the U.S. disabled sailing team, J2 Racing USA. She is the co-founder of Neurotech Network, a non-profit organization that helps raise awareness for neuro-technological devices.

To Have Courage DVD

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