Directors:  Brian K Dery

Screenwriter:  Brian K Dery

Genre:  Documentary


Autism is a rapidly growing developmental disorder. When parents are given the diagnosis that their child has autism, they often feel a sense of being lost or feel hopeless.


In this documentary, we share stories of hope. The primary purpose is to serve as an educational tool to help parents seek those unanswered questions, find ways to network and to get involved. And, through meeting the families, find hope.


You will come into their lives, their homes, and see how they live day to day. See how they cope, how they search for the best therapies and medical attention they can find for their children. And, most of all, through the eyes of their children as you see their hope.

Walking In The Dark: Finding The Light In Autism DVD

  • Region 1 DVD

  • $5.50 for S&H